by Maschine Brennt

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Loop 04:52
Cassette tape recording Select, Eject The end is rewarding Neglect, Detect Put our minds at ease Without a doubt Dare to unfreeze Loop in, Loop out Chrome or Ferro, wide or narrow Redo, delete, master complete
Frisq 06:22
We are healthy, we are strong If you expect us, we won't be long With no illness we are the best We're always here, not like the rest We're strong, we are elite Never wrong, we are complete The weaker kind, they disappear But we are ready and we are here We are the workers you always meet You can trust us, we are complete Ni estas sanaj, ni estas elitoj Ni estas fortaj, ni estas kompletaj Ongoing cycle, we're on repeat We never stop, we are complete We never stop We're on repeat
Europe 03:59
Europe is not the same
Travelling underneath the surface Transport, communication Going away to places Transport, communication Place to place Moving in high speed underground Transport, communication Place to place Bring information into the world Transport, communication The world moves outside my window Transport, communication Place to place
Systematyka 06:36
Gleby brunatnoziemne Gleby peczniejace Gleby bielicoziemne Gleby organiczne Gleby płowoziemne Gleby antropogeniczne Gleby czarnoziemne Systematyka
Trick 05:11
The human evolution will end with pollution And to stop the confusion we are the solution The may come from beneath From the hills or the heath Built to perfection But not our protection We're on the edge The last defence We have to fight That's common sense The human kind A mastermind So well designed To trick our mind
Wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. It is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches, but advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in virtually every sector of the tech industry.
This is my connection, it needs no correction The general port, it needs no support Connect me with wires or connect me without You will get the data and learn what it's about Computer dreams, data streams
I like the beat, the rhythms complete No can compete, electro elite I like the beat, machine overheat Moving my feet, electro elite
Gleby brunatnoziemne Gleby peczniejace Gleby bielicoziemne Gleby organiczne Gleby płowoziemne Gleby antropogeniczne Gleby czarnoziemne Systematyka
Puls 06:45


All tracks written, programmed and performed by Maschine Brennt.
Produced and mastered by Joacim Thenander at Microlab Studio.


NOTE! The CD-version of this album (released by Razgrom Music under licence from Plonk) contains a bonus track, not available on the digital release.
Visit razgrom.com for more information.


released July 2, 2021

PULS is inspired by the installation POD4, created by Timothy Wilson (timothywilson.se).
Photos by Sofia Thenander.


all rights reserved



Maschine Brennt Stockholm, Sweden

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